The Crew

At Uncle Joes Barber we like nothing more than serving up fresh cuts and seeing ecstatic clients depart with a spring in their step. It goes deeper than this though, a cut is not a great cut without a highly skilled crew member delivering it.

It doesn’t stop there though! Do you want some drumming tips? A lesson in Gaelic Football? A discussion on what makes a good beer or red? Help with a tinder profile? Heck! You can even get some free counselling if you need it (*of course, with no guarantee of results).

Traditionally barbershops were more than just a place to get a chop; they were places where men go to get away from it all with a sense of community. At Uncle Joes we want to continue this tradition through our barbers.

Being different is what makes the world go around and what makes us all that little bit special…

So here goes! Check out the eclectic bunch at Joes;


Perth: Thurs – Sat
Fremantle: Mon – Wed

Fishing, Golf & Travel


Perth: Thurs – Sat

Irish, Wild & Wine


Perth: Mon – Sat

Tattoo Scumbag


Freo: Tues & Sat

Korean BBQ, Bubble Tea, Tattoo Enthusiast


Perth: Mon & Wed
Fremantle: Thurs – Sat

Beach, Babes & Beer


Perth: Tues – Sat

It’s Football (Not Soccer), Music, Manchester


Perth: Mon – Tues
Fremantle: Weds – Fri

Football, Athletics, Food


On parental leave

Freddy, Fanta & Free Days


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